Edil Group srl is born from the working and professional experience more than nine years matured in the field of the housebuilding, of the technical installations and of the real estate managements of the partner founder Caliò Carmelo.It has a remarkable management, endowed with efficient equipments, machineries and a halves.
Currently it uses of elevated resources technical instrumental and of specialized organic collaborations highly that, united to the experience of the sector matured by the administrator and partners, they allow her to satisfy, together to the employment of materials to the state-of-the-art one, the clientele’s demands.

To the professional competence a suitable knowledge and experience it is added in commercial, administrative and normative theme, guaranteeing the most elevated standards of quality required by the market.The result is a firm that intervenes with seriousness and professionalism guaranteeing reliability form all of its products and services.

Among the as ones the jobs of completion are underlined, of the demolition and reconstruction of buildings, of improvement, of restructuring of insides and outside, of recovery, placed side by side innovative impiantistiche that allows her to be competitive in the market to solutions.
Following we bring some of the initiatives most meaningful turns during the years.




March 2016 - On Line our web site..